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Learn about Hillwood Airways’ COVID-19 safety protocols

COVID-19 Protocols

Safety is the top priority at Hillwood Airways. The airline maintains the highest standards in safety and continuously reviews and updates protocols to protect the health and well being of passengers and employees.

COVID-19 Notice

Protecting Passengers and Employees

Preparedness & Precautions

Compliance with Federal Requirements

Employees Wear Face Coverings in Compliance with Current COVID-19 Protocols

Crew Members Screened for Symptoms Before Each Shift

Passenger Luggage is Separated from Crew Bags

Employees Who Come in Contact with COVID-Positive Individuals Are Required to Quarantine

Returning Traveling Employees Tested on a Case-By-Case Basis

Hillwood Airways Launches Industry First

Air Ionization Technology

Our ionization components eliminate all pathogens throughout the aircraft by electronically creating positive and negative ions from hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the water vapor present in the air.

Ions cluster around microparticles, gases and pollens causing them to fall out of the breathing zone.

Ions neutralize mold spores, viruses and bacteria by robbing the harmful biological of a hydrogen atom and severing that bond.

This is 100% replication of nature’s cleaning process. We add nothing else.

Ensuring A Safe Environment

Aircraft Sanitation

In addition to requiring employees to observe doctor-recommended hygiene practices, Hillwood Airways also engages in routine cleaning of its aircraft. This thorough cleaning of all surfaces with medical-grade, anti-viral and anti-bacterial solutions is designed to eliminate all traces of the coronavirus. Special attention is paid to frequently-touched areas such as the handles of overhead bins, lavatory doors and climate control buttons.

Hillwood Airways recognizes its responsibility to take all necessary safety precautions to minimize the risk of exposure and transmission of COVID-19. By implementing and adhering to strict safety standards, the airline is committed to continuous service and to emerging from the pandemic stronger than before.

Safety & Wellness

The CDC continues to urge the practice of simple everyday habits to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Hillwood Airways encourages all clients and employees to follow the organization’s recommendations which can be found on the CDC website.