On July 30, 2020, eight U.S. Marines and one U.S Navy corpsman from Bravo Company, First Battalion, Fourth Marines, tragically perished during an amphibious assault vehicle exercise off of the coast of San Clemente, California.

How We Helped

Hillwood Airways, in partnership with Brothers in Arms Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides support to family members of critically wounded or fallen Marines & FMF Corpsman serving within Special Operations, was honored to assist in transporting the families of four of the fallen servicemen to their respective hometowns for funeral services. The flight, Marine Honor Flight 3, departed from California and flew from Washington to Wisconsin and then to Texas for the services before returning the families to California.

Special Arrangements

The Boeing 737-700C BBJ was arranged in a custom VIP configuration to comfortably accommodate all passengers and was outfitted with the logos of the Brothers in Arms Foundation.