Cargo Specifications

7 Pallet Configuration

Up to 30,000 lbs
(13,607 kg)

Max. Allowable Takeoff Weight

171,000 lbs
(77,564 kg)

Max. Allowable Landing Weight

134,000 lbs
(60,781 kg)

Hillwood Airlines offers versatile, configurable cargo transport solutions and expert operations to accommodate unique client needs and ensure the safe domestic and international delivery of goods. Our long-range Boeing 737-700C BBJ accommodates up to seven pallets and 30,000 pounds of cargo.

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Cargo Loading Information

B737-700 Main Deck Cargo Door

Considerations for cargo loading should be given to proximity of number 1 engine & opening of Main Deck Cargo Door dimensions

Preferred Loading Methods

  • Commercial derivative Deck Loaders
  • Military equivalent K-loaders