About Us

Hillwood Airways, a Perot Company, is a Part 121 Supplemental Air Carrier providing luxury on-demand air charter service for cargo and discerning passengers worldwide.

A New Level
of Excellence

Our unique capabilities go beyond traditional air carriers, offering clients seamless, personalized service and a choice of configuration options to accommodate their needs. From operations, to facilities, to pilots, to crew, we deliver a superior level of excellence to our air charter clients, exceeding expectations every time.

Our Distinguished Leadership

Unmatched Experience & Expertise

Hillwood Airways has curated a team of highly trained and tenured aviation industry professionals. Their collective knowledge, experience, and skill is unparalleled in the industry, with over 80 years of experience and 23,000 miles flown by our president and executive vice president alone.

Charles E. “Ched” Bart

President & Chief Executive Officer, FAA Accountable Executive

Michael Stovall

General Manager

Michael L. Tate

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Jose Irizarry

Director of Quality

Robert Adsett

FAA Part 119 Director of Maintenance

Michael Waldrop

FAA Part 119 Chief Pilot, Director of Flight

J. Scott Lacen

FAA Part 119 Director of Safety

Frank McKinnon

FAA Part 119 Director of Operations

Chuck Stowell

Director of Government Sales and Business Development

Leanne Risley

Director of Inflight

Curt Nielson

Director of Training

Mary Young

Director of Security

Certificates and Authorizations

Extensively Qualified for Worldwide Travel

FAA Part 121 Air Carrier Certificate

Part 5 Safety Management System

Fully Compliant

180-Minute ETOPS

(Extended-range, Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards) North Atlantic, North Pacific, Central, Eastern Pacific

Private Charter Standard Security Program


Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program


Full All-Cargo Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program


Washington, DC-Reagan DCA Access Standard Security Program


Signatory Airline

(ESTA VISA & VISA Waiver Program)

Third Country Operator Europe


Foreign Air Operator Certificate


International Blanket Permit


A Brief History

Taking Flight

In the Beginning

Hillwood Airways began operations in 2013 to address a need to move customers and cargo among various locations. Initially a Part 125 Carrier, the airline served as an on-demand charter aircraft service for contracted clients only.

As the airline steadily grew, expanding possibilities and realizing its potential, the airline began the two-year process to qualify for Part 121 Supplemental Air Carrier certification from the Federal Aviation Administration by scheduled commercial airlines.


In 2017, the airline entered a new phase after receiving its Part 121 Supplemental Air Carrier certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which allowed the company to market and provide passenger and cargo charter air transportation services worldwide. The Hillwood Airways team is proud to have achieved this prestigious certification on its first attempt at meeting the FAA’s stringent Part 5 Safety Management Systems for Air Carriers as only the second airline ever to do so.

2020 and Beyond

In 2020, Hillwood Airways continued its growth as a commercial air carrier. In March of that year, COVID-19 changed the way the airline industry operated. Hillwood Airways immediately and aggressively acted to protect customers and flight crews by becoming the first airline to install air ionization technology on its aircraft to disinfect and enhance the quality of cabin air. The airline also implemented additional safety protocols to ensure the customer and crew safety.

Later that year, Hillwood Airways added another Boeing 737-700 passenger to its fleet, and the airline continues to grow.

Our Driving Force

Philanthropic Missions

Hillwood Airways has a history of service, going beyond occasional outreach efforts or isolated donations. The airline seeks to maintain a deep involvement and active participation in local communities, but its community extends far beyond the company headquarters in North Texas. Operating with a global perspective, Hillwood Airways responds rapidly to crises and unique circumstances, meeting the needs of people worldwide through the use of our aircraft.

From partnering with Toys for Tots to fly toys to children in hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico to delivering medical supplies to Liberia for Ebola to transporting families of fallen servicemen for services throughout the U.S., Hillwood Airways proudly prioritizes philanthropy.

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We're Proud to Call AllianceTexas Home

Reputation of Success

Hillwood Airways is a Perot Company established by Ross Perot Jr. on the core values of character, courage and integrity.

Headquartered out of Fort Worth Alliance Airport in AllianceTexas, Hillwood Airways employs highly professional and experienced pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, and administrative and operations experts, all of whom pride themselves on attention to detail and best-in-class service.

What started in 2013 as a way to accommodate the area’s growing need for transportation of goods and services has since grown into first-class, luxury on-demand air charter service for cargo and discerning passengers worldwide.

Today, Hillwood Airways continues to operate on the principles on which it was founded to provide our customers with premiere travel experiences.